Yawar Khan’s love story.

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Today’s story is about a young man who withdrew from his love for the honor and dignity of the family.
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Yawar Khan’s love story:


Yawar Khan eight go son! There is so much work to be done and you are still listening to Bijan’s voice inside Rezai which shattered the enjoyment of the enchanting conversation of the picture that emerged on the mirror heart. Wrapped in a pillow, Yawar Khan’s night passed with the leaves of bitter memories changing in the air, the broken pieces of his broken body began to torment him as if he had returned from a desert journey of beautiful but sad memories. The eyes began to see. He is determined to give up today.

He had no intention of leaving today. It was now his habit to try unsuccessfully to bring sleep in the eyes of the practical ground of the heart till late at night. Rubbing his eyes in family luxury, he sat up, greeted Bijan and caressed her with his head on her shoulder. “Lighting all over the house. Arranging food. There will be family members in the ritual of Hanaam, there should be no difference in our dignity. Yawar Khan lined up the employees and explained the work.


She turned to her grandson:

She turned to her grandson, touched his hair and swayed happily. I have kept my ornaments for your bride. She took out the ornaments from the box and started showing them. Who wears such heavy jewelry? Times have changed, sand customs have changed. Man has also changed ……. If man has changed then he should also change his customs and traditions, in earlier times women used to bring heavy jewelery with them ……….. Bringing lands together.

B. Jaan but … but what? The earth is the dignity of man, he said with pomp. B. John always saw family dignity. There is no sorrow in the eyes of a grandson, no faith in the heart of a child who is sad for the sake of something unknown after the death of an innocent child. The two older sisters of Khawar were worried about the division of the land. Instead, they settled down with their cousin, who was older.

The house began to glow with lights of different colors, but Yawar Khan’s face was like a withered rose, dry, dull and devoid of chuck. Apart from the family feud, B-Jan also had a significant hand in making Yawar Yawar Khan. The mother could not speak in front of the principled, strict temperament mother-in-law, she would be scared like a dove. The wedding was in full swing with full preparations while the barren land of Yar Khan’s heart was inhabited far away from this world lost in the memory of the city man.

He was walking on the stranger’s lap on the new journey of life that became Grandma John’s hand robot. The whole family was happy to make henna on Yawar Khan’s hand and he got lost in Yar. As soon as the henna program was over, he came to his room. What was to be decorated for the reception of the bride, as soon as the bed became warm, he lost himself in the beautiful memories of the past and dragged himself away from here. And this cannot happen. Contrary to our family traditions, a girl from another family cannot come into this house as a daughter-in-law.


Grandmother  denied the allegations:

Grandmother  denied the allegations and announced her decision. That day went by and his tongue was locked. “Sherman … … You think that you are burning alone in this fire, I am traveling alone in the desert of love. Why do you think that you are the lone tree standing in the desert, shy … I don’t know what you think, you are spring, you are flowers, you are fragrance, you are the sky, you are the moon, you are the ray of light, you are dead, you are love, you are love, you are desire, you are love, you are song, you are rhythm Be a poem.

You are a ghazal, you are a lion, you are a rebel, you are a beautiful lamp of memories in this cold winter season, you are the coolness that arrives in the rain, ”he muttered.

۔ In the next one, where the husband is dropping cold drops from his wet hair. I have been trying to wake him up since time immemorial. The terrified landlord was as helpless as a forced turn in his love, the barren land of his heart desperately needed the pure fertilizer of love to acquaint him with immortal ease.


He was a patient love:

He was a patient love who was obsessed with providing oxygen to Sherman’s memory. In the last year of Sharmeen Medical, when she came to see the scenery of Murree with a college trip, all the students reached the valley on foot as the road was blocked. The naughty girls stood on the street and saw the newlyweds in each other’s arms and started talking. Snow was busy making fun of the whole Joban. He took a sip of hot coffee in his throat and froze in a white calf sheet through the closed glass of the window.

I was amused to see the jumping of the young girls who were playing in the valley. Everyone was running around wearing khaki coats and khaki snowshoes and throwing snowballs at each other. Like a playful deer, the girl threw a snowball at her partner, but missed. Seeing this, Yawar Khan started laughing. He landed in the valley to enjoy the snow. A bullet then fell from the hand of a girl like a deer.

Yawar Khan’s face froze. Gatha Gola from the cold ice spread a few soft pieces of ice on his face and made him acquainted with the servant of love. He stared at her, whose coldness permeated his soul. The bright blue-eyed deer swooped down into the depths of his heart. “Sorry …” She came closer and said, “Mr. Where are you lost? ”Sharmeen clicked in front of his eyes and drew him to her.

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