what are the advantages and disadvantages of love

Hello friends how are you I hope you are all well I talked to you yesterday and I was a little busy today? But I thought I’d give you a new edit. Today’s topic is what are the advantages and disadvantages of love۔ Loving is not a crime and cannot stop it. No human being makes love by himself, it always happens. Let me tell you a couple’s stories here.

What is love:

This world came into being later and love came into existence first. It is an act that man cannot achieve even if he wants to. And it happens even if you don’t want to. Now let me tell you the story of a couple who have been married for ten years.

One day I was sitting in the park ticking. I was lost in my thoughts. Suddenly I see a couple who were laughing a lot with each other. Out of my frenzy, I started thinking about them. Because I thought I’d get today’s topic. The couple was eating salt and had a bottle of Pepsi with them.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of love

I began to think that I would like to have a friend who would give me so much love. But today, in this age, who said so much is found sincere.

Watch over my thoughts

Every servant has his own standard of thinking in his mind. If seen, there is a different level of love thoughts. I looked around to find a girl I could fall in love with. But who cares about anyone here?

I went to the couple and asked if I could sit here and talk to you a little. Girl talk, brother, sit down, we have no problem.

That was in 2016 when I started working on YouTube. In my career, I have seen the rise and fall of many people. There were many faces that covered the night. But in the same way, they disappeared somewhere in the darkness of night.
And here I also saw some faces who changed their destiny with the help of YouTube. People say that subscribers and watch time do not come. This is completely wrong thinking of the people. Everything happens. But man has to work hard for everything.

No matter how fast you want to be. If you think of succeeding on YouTube without holding the finger of a well-versed guru, it will take you two years to learn a YouTube game. And then the third year will be the year that will change your destiny …

thinking of succeeding:

One week ago, Rakha Khokhar, a well-known YouTuber from Bahawalpur. was watching a post in which she was telling about a friend who started her own website by collecting Rs 3,800 with great difficulty. He worked on it for three years. And with these three years of hard work and an investment of Rs. 3800, he bought a new car whose picture was also attached in the post.
A month ago, I watched a video of Pando YouTuber on Urdu Point. The boy had been working on YouTube for a long time but was failing.

He relied on his mother and the mother and son started making videos about village life together. And the pistachio family in the mill of poverty started earning millions a month in a few months. Now, these mother and son have built their new home together with the earnings of YouTube.
Speaking of which, I started with a useless mobile. It was not that the family did not have the resources. On the contrary, we have an area and a family where even today it is considered forbidden for girls to use mobile phones. I still remember when my cousins ​​looked down on me for having a mobile phone.

But what about my mother who never left me. And today, “the aunts of some of the aunts who hated me, the daughters of some of them, work in my small company.” Thinking that I should not be separated from my mother after marriage. With my hard work, I have built a new house next to my parents’ house, where I am determined to live in the shadow of my mother after marriage.

building her own house

I don’t know if this thing will become a reality or not. A few days ago there was a post about the car and it said “movable”. But today I will tell you the truth that she was in the transcript herself …
When I saw this girl’s video on BBC today, I couldn’t stop myself from writing such a long post. She also belongs to a poor family. And now she is building her own house with the help of YouTube …

If you can’t do something yourself, don’t annoy those who are doing it by talking. Do you know how easy it is to earn money in this modern age? What can we do if your thinking is still limited to getting a job by paying a hefty bribe or going abroad to sell housewives’ jewelry? Don’t bother us.

We are the lowest creatures of this country but believe me we are very “precious”. Appreciate us. Because we are the ones who have lit the lamp of hope in this time of poverty in this country.

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