The story of a rare man

The story of a rare man: Yesterday, as I was walking towards the village, I met a man on the way. He didn’t have a ride. He asked me for a lift. Going to the village I knew the people here are very nice. Travel is not done quietly. Every servant wants to have a speaker. I also started talking to him. Learn about what you do. Where are you coming from where are you going He started talking like that.

When I asked him, he said that I had gone to the city today and there was work. The laborer does not do any special work. The journey was being arranged and things were going on. I told him that if you work for me, I will pay you every month. Work is not difficult, it will be easy for you. All I could say was that he was supportive. I didn’t have any special work, I just gave it.

The opening of a destiny:

I made it a small business in the vegetable market. He told her to sow all these fruits and give me money in the evening. Some days it went on like this, everything was going well. Later, when my fruit was sold, he would buy his own fruit and start selling it. Understand that he has set up his own business. I am free from all these things۔

After a few months, the boss says I want to leave you. I want to do my own thing. I’m glad someone is paying for my house because of me. But  I used to go to the market before but never after. I even stopped thinking about it. I didn’t know he was making his own business.

The story of a rare man

A year later:

A year later I was sitting in my office working. The servant comes in and says the boss has come to see you. I said let him in. when He came in and greeted me. I was busy at work and hadn’t looked at it yet. So When I heard his voice, it was as if it had been heard. When I looked up, it was the same service I had hired. Leaning towards my feet, I grabbed his hand to see what you were doing

I said sit down and talk. Just started quoting such cases. So he told his whole story. That I have been doing this, today I have become the owner of the whole market. My condition is very good now. I have come to thank you.

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