Strange love story.

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Today’s story is a strange one. In which a girl falls in love after marriage.
Our stories are based on truth. These are the realities of our society. Which have happened to a human being somewhere.
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Strang love story:

I was a decent wife and I never had a relationship with a non-male like other girls do. I loved my husband dearly. Then it happened that my husband got a job offer in Singapore for three years. He said yes to a better future and left me crying after 6 months of marriage. They went and settled down. Good work went on for 4 months but then his company where he worked closed down. He was unemployed and did not want to come back home.

Conditions at home also deteriorated. We didn’t even have money to pay for the house. Then he told me to get a job so that I could afford the house. My sister-in-law sent me to her classmate’s company. I submitted my documents there. And I got the job. The kisses there were very nice. They gave me a place on the table next to them. They respected me very much. Such days passed. My in-laws were very happy with me. The house was running well.

One day I saw that Bose was very upset. I asked sir why you are upset but he did not say anything. When I asked again, he said you will not mind. I said no sir tell me. Sir said my girlfriend has left me. Can you find a good girl for me? I said sir good girl can’t be found so fast if you don’t mind we can be good friends. Sir knew my husband is from Singapore. They accepted my friendship. We talked a lot in the office, they couldn’t live without me for a minute. Nor did they allow me to leave the office. One asked me if I would spend an evening with me. I said yes. sir told me i will cook you in the evening I told my breath at home that it was my friend’s birthday and I would stay the same tonight. Breath said to me, “Come, I will prepare you.” Then I went to my father-in-law and asked his permission. Sir texted me and I said goodbye to my father-in-law and sat in his car. Sir told me that today is the day of resurrection. We went to a hotel for dinner and everyone there was watching me. sir said to me everyone is watching you very carefully you are very beautiful Then I asked Sir where we stayed the night. Sir put me in the car and we went to PC hotel. The room was beautiful. We felt a lot of each other talking. Then they fell asleep. She took a shower in the morning and sir ordered breakfast. We had breakfast and sir told me to leave you at home. After leaving the house he told me to leave the office tomorrow.

Then after a day’s rest she went to the office the next day. Sir was very happy to see me. His eyes were not moving away from me. He called me and told me to sit in the front chair and don’t go from here for even a second. Sir was falling in love with me. They wouldn’t let me look at anyone else, nor would they let me mention my husband. Now I was afraid of their love. They kept me with them for a long time even after office. I often returned home very late. My father-in-law told my husband that I was coming home too late. My husband called me and asked the reason. I said there is a lot of work in the office so it is late. My husband told me to quit my job. I have gone to work in another place. Don’t work now. I was very worried about what I would answer to the head.

When I went to the office the next morning, he told me all this. He told me that I could not live without you. Divorce your husband and marry me. I will keep you very happy. Your husband is not going to come back from there. Why am I wasting my beauty for someone you don’t have? I didn’t want to go away on my own. I obeyed and demanded a divorce from my husband. My husband said, “I will never do that. You are the honor of me and my family.” its not possible. When my husband refused, Sir filed a case against him. He divorced me out of fear of his family’s honor. As soon as I got divorced, I got married after completing my ‘iddah. Now I am the mother of the son of the head and we are very happy in our lives.

In view of this story, there is a request from the boys living abroad. If you get married, take your wife with you. In addition to money, a woman has many other needs. Which only the husband can fulfill. Otherwise, one wrong step can ruin a family. The honor of both families deteriorates. Therefore, it is better that you take care of your wife’s every need so that she does not need anyone else.

This was today’s story, I hope you liked it very much. It was not just a story, it was a complete story of someone’s life. It was a reality that happened in an unknown number of homes around us. On this platform you will find the truths of life that everyone knows but does not feel.

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