Saba’s mistakes moral story

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Today’s story is about this beautiful girl whose mistakes became a punishment for her. This is an instructive story. Hope you like it.
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Saba’s mistakes moral story:


Saba was a beautiful and virtuous girl. There were rumors of her beauty in the neighborhood. Every boy wanted to be friends with Saba. Five feet tall and chubby face Saba’s home environment was very different from ours. She used to feel suffocated there. While my father was enlightened, the best way we could face any difficulty in our lives both my parents understood the importance of education and wanted to see their children equipped with modern education with moderation. After matriculation, they got admission in college but Saba was deprived of all kinds of freedom. He had imposed restrictions not only on the girls in his house but also on the boys.

Saba’s father:

Saba’s father would not let her go anywhere. Making friends was forbidden, not even watching TV. As long as you read with us. Then he was banned from leaving the house. One day my mother went to visit his mother. So Saba said, “Auntie Jan, you should explain to my mother to let me study if I am not allowed to go out.” So let me go near the house.

The place where sewing and cutting etc. is taught was a few steps away from his house. Amy convinced Aunty that it was better to learn something than to sit idle at home. While she was closing her eyes, she was busy preparing her papers. When she went to her house, she would sigh coldly.

She would have gone to your college if we had got permission today. I reassure her that you are also getting an education because being skilled is a big thing. One day she went to Saba’s house and said that Tamara was waiting for her. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Thank you for your permission.

I took his hand in mine and said what is the story of Saba? So she said that when she goes to the sewing center. So a boy who will be 22 years old stands in his way. Waiting for it to pass. I told him not to pay attention to her when you pass by her. And pass by in silence, it will stop waiting by itself.

There is no need to answer even if he talks. No one has a chance to talk until the girl is satisfied. She was like a frog in a poor well. That her parents would not stop her from going to the sewing center. One day she was walking down the street when two homeless boys started shouting at her. She was terrified of how to get rid of them.


The boy came forward:

The boy came forward. And chased the boys away. Saba took a quick step and left. The next day, the sewing center was closed. After the holidays, the center was open. So I found this boy waiting like this. This time my friend’s heart softened for him. And when he went ahead and told her that the two boys had gone to jail. They will never get in your way again.

So she said thank you and moved on. The rest will never happen again
The bullies didn’t show up. But he still seemed to be standing in his way. At last he turned red. I didn’t see him for a week, so my friend was worried about what had happened to him. He who had been waiting for an idol’s nest for six months in the cold, heat, sunshine and rain, has now gone where he may have been without an accident.

where she has gone. It doesn’t matter to us from above. So what is the matter of the hearts of the worries, Allah alone knows, it is not under anyone’s control, it obeys its own will. Sometimes he is a believer and sometimes he is a disbeliever. Unfortunately, my exams started.

She could not go to Saba’s house every other fourth day. Her mother said that Saba was feeling a little sad. She was missing you, there is no other friend. And she can’t go to anyone’s house without her father’s permission. You come from time to time. My daughter is happy to meet you. Good aunty will come tomorrow, God willing.

When I went to her house the next evening, she was waiting for me. You made me wait so long, now I was beginning to have doubts in my heart. I said, God forbid, what happened? He closed the door. And he took a sheet out of the closet and put it in my hand. He wrote himself late at night.

And surprisingly, he somehow found out Saba’s name. When we don’t care about it, he commits suicide or oppresses himself. Why did you have a fever? I had a fever for so many days. And she was waiting for you. He said so I laughed. So which day will I go with you? Saba was encouraged and looked at me with grateful eyes.


Whose phone is it?

As if saved from some trouble. Now we were talking. The girl next door told Saba that her phone had come. The phone looked at me in amazement. My father was coming. I couldn’t go to his house at that time. If the phone rang again and I gave it to my mother Abu, I would be stuck. Abu will kill me.

Seeing her in trouble, I went to her house with this girl without thinking. I knew everyone. She was also our friend and classmate. And my house was nearby. So sometimes she would come to us with her mother. Whose phone is it? I asked for it. He came himself. I said he sent it to me.

Coincidentally, I was sitting next to Saba and you know her home environment. Couldn’t have come if Hussain’s friend’s phone has come. No, this is a gentleman. Think about what would have happened if my mother had been at home today and picked up the phone. Whose parents are so strict. Yet he has given us the number. I said she can’t give numbers to anyone like that. I don’t know if he should call now.

It was not over. When the phone rang, he picked up the receiver and gave it to me. I asked. I asked who gave you this number. I can’t tell who gave it. Just understand that I also have some relationship with a girl from the neighborhood near the President. He has given the number. I will not tell you what the name is. Just talk to Saba. I am talking to Saba.

It’s okay not to call here next time. I won’t. Just reply to the letter once. Can’t write. Listen on the phone. Don’t try to talk to me next time, otherwise we will stop going to the sewing center. And then I will be imprisoned in the house. Sit down and meet me once. Hearing this, I hung up the phone. And she went home and the next day Saba’s family found out what she didn’t know.

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