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Today’s story is very interesting. There is an incident that must have happened to someone somewhere in our society.
This is the story of siblings who were always angry with each other. We hope you enjoy the story.
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You are very ugly: 

We were four sisters. I was number three. It was my good fortune that she was fair and I was young. She kept telling me that you were ugly. You don’t look like our sister. Even my brothers look down on me because of my color. Then I used to get very angry but when I came to my senses I understood. But my anger did not subside. I used to fight with my siblings over things so they used to laugh at each other and separate me. I thought that maybe they hated me. I used to complain to them. My mother used to scold them and support me. I was very happy. But my father did not do that. He used to scold me and say that you are a slanderer. And you are jealous of your siblings. Then I would get very angry with my father and I would tell my mother that I think he is my stepfather. My mother explained to me and said that he loves you very much. All you have to do is reduce your anger and love your siblings. And I used to say why they explain it to me, I am right. They all do me injustice and prove me wrong.

Injury of elder sister:

In time, I turned 13 years old. My anger did not subside, but now I was scolding my siblings for making false complaints to my mother Abu. One day my elder sister did me a great injustice. So I thought of taking revenge on them. I was in seventh grade in those days. I went to school and wrote love latter to my friend. A boy lives next to him in the name of his sister. I threw this letter in front of the door just when the sound of my father’s motorcycle came. And she went and washed the dishes in the kitchen. The younger brother went to open the door. He did not look at the letter. Dad’s eyes fell on it, it was a love letter. Which was for my older sister. Father John was surprised when he received the letter but remained silent. Because my sister was very noble and pure. In the evening, my father gave a letter to my mother to ask Saima what the matter was. Saima read the letter and cried that someone had accused me of beating my father. My mother became suspicious of me. She asked me alone, “Isn’t this your act?” Because that boy is not home. He has gone to his elder sister’s house. I flatly denied that I did not know. Dad didn’t say anything to Saima and told my mother to keep the paddy. My wish was not fulfilled. Saima was not killed. On the contrary, my mother was angry with me. What a strange girl I don’t understand. But this time I thought I would not leave Saima. This time while throwing the letter, my brother saw me and told my mother that I was doing all this.

Abu hit me and said, “How can you be our daughter who has become an enemy of the honor of her own sisters?”You are no longer our daughter.

Crying in my room all night, when the anger subsided, I decided that now I will cry for them all. When Abu and Bhai left the house, I secretly opened the gate and went out of the house.

I didn’t know the destination and I didn’t know the way. At the first thing, a good woman will come to the Supa Darbar who will take me to her house and consider me her but. I did not know the way to the court.

An elderly woman:

When tired of walking. And it was noon. So thirsty very annoying. She sat down under a tree and began to rest. A car pulled up and an elderly woman was in it. And she said where to go.She knew in that look that he had failed her. Speak softly.What’s the matter where to go I told him I had to go to court. Why are you going to court alone? I was not lied to anymore, I told him everything.

My parents beat me. My sisters have dishonored me. I am not their real daughter. Maybe they picked me up from the rubbish heap. The woman said, “It is better for you to go back to your house.” Don’t you know that times are bad? I leave you at home Tell me your home address. I told him not to go back home.

That’s what I wanted:

In the end, that’s exactly what I wanted. The woman took me home with her. The house of this woman was very beautiful and very big. She had only two sons. One was married and the other was still studying.
He told everyone that she would stay with us now. They gave me a separate room and gave me a lot of respect. I have forgotten the life where day and night I was told things because of blackness. Now I am living my life here in peace. Every facility in the world is available.

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