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This is the love story of a compelled girl Zainab. Who found his love after enduring many hardships in his life.
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Zainab, Sufyan and Zubair:

Why are you so lost? If you tell me the state of your heart, I can solve your problem. This was the sentence that Dr. Sahib had been saying to me for a month. It would have no effect on me. Today I dared to try to answer his sentence.
I said I was afraid people would make fun of me if they listened to me. The doctor said don’t worry, I’m not going to say that. Then I started telling them.

Moral story of love:

Two years ago, I was married to my cousin’s son, with the full consent of my parents. I also had no problem with my husband. He was a handsome young man whom no girl could deny. The marriage was celebrated with great fanfare. My in-laws were a family that every girl dreamed of. I was a little nervous on the day of the wedding. Every girl feels nervous on that day.
I had taken my first step at Sufyan’s house. His mother had brought me as her daughter-in-law with great enthusiasm. I had a Nand who was married. My in-laws were very young.
I was taken to the room and I waited for Sufyan there. Sufyan came into the room, lifted my veil, looked at me and said, “Zainab, don’t expect anything from me.” Look at me i’m more beautiful than you Then he put my dupatta on him and said look how beautiful I am. I can’t believe it. Then he said it should not go out of this room. Your job is only to serve my parents. Saying this, he got up and asked me where is your red lipstick.

He took out my lipstick from the drawer and started applying it. I got up crying and went to the dressing room and changed my clothes. When she came out and started lying on the bed, Sufyan said, “This is my bed and I can’t stand any girl here.” I picked up the pillow and lay down on the sofa. In front of me, she put on full make-up and dressed as a girl, put on my red scarf and fell asleep on the bed. I was crying, I was not getting any sleep, so I started to call for Fajr. I prayed. I was just lying down when Sufyan got up and told me that you didn’t take off my clothes. I should be late for the office. I took her clothes out of the closet, grabbed her clothes and said, “Today is our wedding day.” “My office is more important than Williama,” Sufyan said. I’ll be there for Williama’s party. And yes, everything I do should be on time after today. Saying this, Sufyan went to the office.

I was prepared for the wedding. I was no longer interested in decorating. We arrived at the hotel for William’s party. Sufyan was already there. He took my hand and made me sit on the stage with him. I was very surprised to see this. All friends, relatives met us. A friend of Sufyan whose name was Zubair. He hugged Sufyan and gave me a wedding present. He was looking at me with strange eyes. Well, William’s party was over and we returned home. Day and night passed like this. One day Zubair came to our house with his mother and we were invited to his house. He kept looking at me with strange eyes.

The next morning we got ready to go to Zubair’s house. Went to Zubair’s house and had lunch there. Zubair tried very hard to talk but I ignored him. Days and nights passed like this. One day my aunt’s health suddenly deteriorated. I called Sufyan and he said I am busy in the office and sent my friend Zubair home. We took my aunt to the hospital. I was crying because of my aunt’s tension. Zubair comforted me a lot. He brought water for me. While giving water, his hand touched my hand. He said, “You have a high fever. Why don’t you take care of yourself?” I liked the idea. In the meantime, the doctor said that your aunt had regained consciousness. Sufyan also came to the hospital. We brought my aunt home. Zubair ate dinner at our house. And as he was leaving, he told me to take care of myself. When I went to my room, Sufyan grabbed me by the arms and told me to stay away from Zubair.

A few days later, Zubair’s call came to my number and said that I want to meet you. I went to see him seeing his goodness. When I went there, he told me that I know that Sufyan does not fulfill your rights. I would be surprised and said how do you know this? He said that Sufyan is my childhood friend. He tried to do wrong to me sometimes.
I can save your life if you want

I said Sufyan would never leave me. Zubair and I used to meet each other like this. One day my health suddenly deteriorated. The doctor told me I was going to be a mother. Sufyan was happy and told everyone. After going to the room, he asked me whose child it was. I was very scared and told that this child belongs to Zubair. Sufyan said Zubair only you will not give birth to this child of mine. I was very scared to hear this from Sufyan. To save my child, I ran away from Sufyan’s house and came to Zubair. Zubair sent a notice to Sufyan. Sufyan divorced me. Now I am Zubair’s wife and mother of his child. We are very happy with our lives.

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