Looking for food heart touching story

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Today’s story is of such an elder. Who lost his life in search of food.
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Looking for food heart touching story:

The house had to be repaired. He gave permission to the master to bring laborers of his own free will. When the master brought the laborer, my body caught fire. Some 70-year-old father seemed to be either sick or starving.

And the color of the body is very pale, so that depending on the weather, a very thick cloth may have been given to someone in the old winter clothes, but since I had given the authority myself, I could not say anything to the master. Not where Babaji was working.

There was no wind. Thababa ji drank in sweat and Baba ji spoke in a thick cloth shirt. “Sir, there is no fan. Just put on a fan.” I was already burning. My anger flared up. Don’t install AC. Seeing my arrow, Babaji became silent.

The master said something in a low voice and Babaji started cleaning the bricks. When Babaji was thirsty but did not tell me. The master asked me for water and Babaji drank it. Then I realized my stupidity and my heart pounded for Babaji.

And I don’t know why Babai will be the narrator of the house. There was empty bread, no curry. Asked Begum. How long is the meal left?

Answered will be ready in just 5 to 10 minutes. The man inside me told Babaji that he did not like it. Babaji is preparing fresh food now. Just hold your hand. Begum also had an idea. The food was ready at a fast pace and Babaji was seated next to him and fed.

When asked, Bahati said. He has no son. He has three daughters. Two are yet to be born. It is understood why Baba is doing labor with the weak corpse. The temper flared up and he begged Babaji.

Come here and have breakfast:

Come here and have breakfast. After lunch and when you go in the evening, Begum would prepare food and Babaji would eat dinner at five o’clock and leave after praying.

There is a news from Europe that their advantage is that they do not waste food while we have taken the responsibility of wasting food in our region. Begum also had sympathy for Babaji. He thought that if he wanted to eat now, he would not waste only two snacks.

The food that is left over is packed well and eaten. I would give it to Babaji on some way and Begum’s hand would open a little too much and she would pack the leftover food and stop me and often said. What perfection we are giving from Allah.

I was relieved to grab a pack of food and hear this sentence. One day he went out looking for someone with a pack of food. Babaji was seen at the labor camp in the square. It’s late in the afternoon, maybe Babaji didn’t get paid today.

I went to Babaji:

I went to Babaji. And handed them a pack of food. Eight or ten other workers were also present. They clung to Babaji and started demanding. Two of us also loved my food. Babaji pressed the food to his side.

Babaji refused to give it to anyone. Now the workers are hungry
They started biting Baba Ji like sheep. 2 workers grabbed hands and 2 workers started snatching food. Baba ji continued to resist with great courage and 1 laborer climbed on Baba ji’s chest.

In the same struggle, Babaji’s resistance was exhausted and the food pack
Snatched away. Now the battle was over, the food was scattered in the snatch flat and the people became cold. The workers moved to one side.

1 The laborer’s eyes fell on Bababi who was completely silent. He turned his attention to Babaji and one of them left the sentence without thinking. Hey, look, he’s not dead. This phrase was exactly on target.

Babaji had already reached the next floor. I had seen the whole thing as an idol. Babaji’s body was lying in front of me. I could not decide whether the body belonged to this helpless and helpless Babaji or to one of my meals which I handed over to Babaji. Of course it was just a body of bread.

Life takes a lot of tests:

Eventually an old man lost his life trying to find food all his life. Life takes a lot of tests from a lot of people. Some endure the hardships of life and some lose their lives.

We learn this lesson from this story. That no one should think less of himself. How coercive someone works for you. So you have to understand this man’s compulsion.

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