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Today’s story is about the love that very few people have. It’s love, someone’s feeling, someone’s idea.
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A man often bought sangtras: 



A man often bought sangtras from an old woman, and after paying the weight and price, he tasted the sangtras: And he would put a grain in his mouth and complain that it was sour.
And saying this, Sangtra would hand over to this old woman.

The old woman would taste a grain and say, it is very sweet, but by then the buyer would have left with his bag. This man’s wife was with him every time, his wife asked: When his companions always come out sweet
So what’s the drama of the day?

The man replied with a smile: “That old mother is the only one who survives.
But because of poverty, they themselves are deprived of food.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

In front of this old woman, a woman vegetable seller used to watch this spectacle every day, so one day she asked and she found a defect in your stone every day.

And you are always overweight. What is the reason? Hearing this, a smile opened on the old woman’s lips and she knew in her speech.

That he does this to feed me a sangtra, and he thought I was a stranger to him, I don’t weigh too much, it’s his love that weighs the scales.

The joys of love and respect are hidden in these little grains, it is true that the reward of love is also love.


Was the king of a country:


Was the king of a country. He was very learned. He had a bad habit of making strange orders all the time. The people of this king and especially his ministers were very annoyed with him. The minister was a kind-hearted and wise man.

The situation in the country was much better because of the minister. One day the king of the wind, realizing a strange kind of mischief, ordered his viz.

And if the minister cannot start work within ten days, you will be beheaded. The minister was a good man. He was very worried about what to do next. When he reached home, he told his wife the whole story. His wife advised him to seek help from Allah.

The minister liked his wife’s advice very much. He immediately performed Wudhu, recited Dunfal and prayed to Allah. While praying, he fell asleep. What he sees in the dream is that he is going into the forest. He has found something shining. Which he gives to the king .


And the king is very happy:


And the king is very happy. When the minister woke up, he told his wife the whole dream. So the minister’s wife immediately told him to go to the forest. There you will be helped. The next day the minister made his journey and set out on his journey.

And after resting for a while, he started walking. It took him about five days to walk like this. He thought, “Let’s go back and find a solution to this problem.” As he began to return, he saw on one side a rabbit trapped in a helpless cage.

Minister who was kind-hearted. He immediately freed the rabbit from its clutches and then began to turn back. Thank you very much. The minister wondered if he saw a small dwarf standing. When the minister asked, he said: It was made into a rabbit by a magician. And as you untied the shackles, the magic was gone. Then the minister told him about his problem and the dwarf told him to go with him. As he was walking, he brought the minister to a cave and told him to go inside. The minister went inside.

So did you see that there is an old man inside who is engaged in his worship? The Minister greeted them and explained his problem. The elders smiled and said that there was no problem with the son and at the same time they gave a parrot to the minister.

Take it with you, it will help you. The minister thanked them and walked back to his house. He went to his house and told his wife the whole story, and she was very happy. The next day he went to see the king and told him to come with me.


And see how I build palaces:


And see how I build palaces from top to bottom. The minister brought the king to an open place where the king told him to build a new palace. There were laborers, masons and construction materials lying there. The minister released the parrot in the air and said, “Come on, Mian Mitho.

Now you see your work. The parrot flew to a great height and started making noises. Hold the bricks. Hold the bricks. The king got angry when he heard this. And he asked the minister how anyone could deliver bricks at such a height. On hearing this, the minister said that if the Holy Prophet was so high But if we can’t deliver bricks, how will the palace be built upstairs? The king was surprised to hear this and the king was very happy to see the wisdom of the minister and he apologized for his wrongdoings. After that it is said that the king also became a good hearted and good man.

Friends: Lessons can be learned from anywhere and any place. They say no, if you want to get it, you have to go.

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