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Interesting story of maryam:


Never think that you are alone. I am with you every moment. I love your relationship. I am proud. You don’t even break your word. Trust me. Maryam was not at ease in her personal life. The corners of her eyes got wet so she got up from her seat and left the study room and entered her room.

Solomon took all the clothes out of the closet and threw them on the bed and was looking at her silently. Anger was evident in her eyes so Maryam was startled and quickly started looking for her shirt in the clothes on the bed.

Solomon said, “If you have time with your useless stories, do your homework.” What happens where You don’t know, but your mind is broken. Whenever Solomon spoke, he did not realize what effect his words had on the heart of the hearer.

Solomon was talking angrily and Maryam was looking for his shirt with her head bowed. After a while she found the shirt. Take this, your shirt has been found. You don’t even notice. So extending the shirt towards Solomon, Maryam said softly.

It’s not my job to take care, it’s your job. But if you had such a good opportunity, you wouldn’t have taken it out already. She had become accustomed to hearing such things.

when she got married:

She was just one year old when she got married. She started writing to keep herself busy. She would write all her thoughts in her dream book as soon as she got married in Salman’s life.
From that day on, it became a wall of sadness. Solomon had all the rights but was a traditional man. She did not understand Solomon even though the marriage had been going on for so long. Sometimes it would be like spring, sometimes it would be like autumn in such a way that Maryam’s dreams and self-esteem would be stolen.

And she just watched the show and remembered that patience is the best action. A woman who responds is the enemy of her life. The man does not tolerate the woman who opposes him.

No matter how cruel he is, he only wants leniency from women. Then there comes a time when he has to believe that it is the love of a woman in which only loyalty is written.

She, too, was anxiously awaiting the day when Solomon would give her the honor she deserved. That is why two silent pop-stone statues were made.

You will miss Baji very much. “Don’t go that far,” said Maria, making a tearful face. Maryam put a smile on her face. Just my dear sister, I am going a little farther.

I am in your heart and will always be. Maryam tried to hide the sadness on her face after convincing her younger sister but failed.

Baji, you are also sad:

Baji, you are also sad. Your eyes are not supporting you. Now Maria was following him. Mary didn’t even have to explain because she didn’t want to hide herself.

Obviously, I have to be sad. I don’t know how Suleiman will bring me to meet him or not. She started talking anxiously and bowed her head because she didn’t want anyone to see the moisture in her eyes.

Solomon is a good boy. And remember one thing, never speak loudly in front of him and even if he scolds, be patient. Amy doesn’t know when she entered the room and was sitting on the bed in front of her lovingly explaining it.

Ami Baji obeys you anyway. She will do as you say. When Maria spoke in the middle, my mother looked at her angrily and she left the room.

So from that day on, Maryam took her mother’s word for it that no matter what happens, she has to respect her husband and become an ideal wife and she is acting on it.

She did not want to lose her temper. She didn’t want to be a bad woman. So she remained silent, but as soon as she entered the kitchen, her patience ran out. Solomon invited his friends to dinner.

Maryam was not feeling well, but still she prepared the food with gusto and it was ready. Suddenly her foot slipped and at the same time the curry fell.

Solomon told Maryam:

Solomon told Maryam a lot of things. Maryam’s condition started to deteriorate. She kept listening to him with her head bowed due to embarrassment. What is the way to talk?

Solomon’s friend Nabila could not stand it. And as he spoke, the rest of the people watched in silence. Mary was so depressed that she did not eat even after the guests had left, and she was shedding more tears than before while washing the dishes in the kitchen.

She was patient, but today it was too late. Solomon raised her self-esteem in public. She screamed and her self-esteem plummeted. Or to be patient.

After a while, Solomon called out. Make me some tea if you have the chance. Mary said, “Tell me one thing, isn’t it important in your life?” Why do you consider me an inanimate being?

The tea water was put on the stove because Solomon was gone as soon as the tea tray was taken to the room. As soon as he heard Suleiman’s voice, he stopped talking to Solomon on his mobile phone.

Maryam listen to those words:

Maryam listen to those words. She sat down at the door, talking. I promise this time I will do whatever you say. Just never leave me. I have a lot of room for you in my heart.

When they took hold and stepped back to go back, the cups of tea collided with each other. As soon as they heard the sound, Suleiman was electrocuted and looked back and quickly hung up the phone.

You were secretly listening to me. Today I am really convinced that you are the first mistake of my life that I am still suffering from. You have reduced your place in my heart by doing this today.

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