How to make money? The story of a man

How to make money: A few years ago I was traveling to Karachi once. When our bus left Multan, the seat next to me was empty. I did not know that a passenger with this seat would come on the way. I insisted that I get a good night’s sleep. But after some time, the bus braked somewhere. A man who was going to drink suits came and sat with me.

I first thought he was the owner of the bus or a chief. I was reluctant to talk to him. Then he himself began to say, “Brother, what area do you belong to?” I replied with a laugh that we are residents of Multan. And sir, I look like a big man.

How to make money

There was a time when I was poor:

When man works hard, everything becomes possible. He replied. I am silent now. Do you know who is who? What is my position in front of him?۔He began to tell about himself.

I was listening to him with great interest. “I used to work in a cloth shop in Karachi about twenty years ago,” he said. There I was paid 30 rupees. I kept collecting it and never wasted it.

kuch time k baad main ny apni ak kapry ki dukan open kr li. jahan sy mjhy bahut ziada munafa ho rha tha. pher main y fectory jana chor diya q keh mjhy apni dukan sy bahut ziada faida ho rha tha. main kapra sra fectory sy othata tha ur pher apni shop peh sale krta tha.

esa krty krty kuch dukandarun sy apny sy zaida maal leny lag gy. to m samijh gia yahan peh stock market ka kam kia ja skta hy. tabhe sy m ny stock market ka kam shoro kr diya.

Stock Market

mjhy yeh kam krty hoy ab 5 saal ho gy hain. Main karachi ki jo kapry ki market hy us ka supplier main hun. mery under 300 admi kam krta hy. m bhe ap ki trah tha , but mehnat kii hy. ap aggr kuch apni life men krna chahty hain to mehnat kren. Duniya men agr kuch krna hy  to mehnt kro. duniya ap k samny jhuk jay gi.

Har insan apni mehnat sy ameer ya garib bnata hy. koi bhe Banda paida hony k time pesa ly kr ni ata. Sab ak jesy hoty hain baad men koi mehnat krta hy koi sakoon krta hy. yeh sab baad ki qismat hoti hy is ley sabhe dashwar kehty hain keh apny ley kuch mehnat kro ta keh kesi k samny hath na jorna pary.

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