How to check TOTO results Easily

Many people struggle to find out the results of Singapore TOTO Jackpot’s results. If you also want to know, then you are reading the correct post.


Carry on reading to know it. It’s really worth your time.


There are many ways available for checking TOTO results on the Internet, but we will share some easy and simple ways that will save your time and curiosity for betterment.


1.     Checking the Singapore Pools Main Branch:

This branch is situated at 210 Middle Road. You can easily view the “Live” of TOTO draw. The conduction of these draws is held every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 PM Singapore time.


But in the case of the “cascade” draw, instead of 6:30 pm, it is held at 9:30 pm.


2.     Checking the Internet:

You can search the results on Google, and you can get them.


3.     Checking the Newspapers:

If you don’t want to use the Internet, you can easily check the results by reading the newspapers.


4.     Checking from the free app:

You can download any TOTO App from Google Play Store and check them on Monday and Thursday to get the results. Also, you can push the notifications ON, so these apps will notify you when a result is updated.


At the bottom line:

You can use any of these 4 methods to check the results of TOTO Jackpots.


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