Heart touching love story

Heart touching love story: Hello friends how are you? I hope you are all well.
The story I am going to tell you today must have happened somewhere in front of you all. So let’s start this beautiful story.

What is  Love:

Feelings, emotions, sincerity, adoption, all these words have only one meaning and that is love. Where there is love, all these words are born. Love is an emotion that is not told, not heard, just felt. Love is not done. No one knows when or how.

Today’s love story is about two characters Madhu and Adeel. Let’s go to the world of Madhu and Adeel.

What was Madhu’s personality like?

There was a girl named Madhu. It is said that she was a very naughty girl. From his childhood, he was very fond of playing tricks. All his friends in the neighborhood were very annoyed with him. But everyone endured the conditions. Because she would apologize so innocently after all her mischief that no one would take offense at her mischief. She used to play cricket with the boys in the street. She used to pick vegetables from the vegetable shop in the street and run away. She would run away by ringing the doorbell of all the houses in the neighborhood. She used to make a paper trail and stick it on the shirts of her classmates. She was very beautiful.

Heart touching love story
Heart touching love story

What was Adeel’s personality like? 

There was a boy. His name was Adeel. Adeel was a very decent, literate and intelligent boy. Adeel loved sweet rice. Wherever he saw sweet rice, he would order it. Adeel used to work in a private farm. And in the evenings I read tuition to street children.

Heart touching love story
Heart touching love story

How did Adeel and Madhu meet?

Madhu has reached 9th class. Madhu’s mother was very worried about Madhu. If she did not pay attention to her studies, she would not be able to clear the matriculation. Madhu’s mother admitted Madhu to Adeel’s academy. Madhu never liked Adeel, she used to call Adeel the one with glasses. She used to say that this man who is so serious is said to be serious when sweet rice comes in front of him.

But Madhu was forced to go to Adeel’s academy. It was the first day of the academy. As soon as Madhu opened his bag, he got out of the bag and fell into the lap of a girl with a rat. And the whole academy was shaken. Seeing this scene, Adeel got very angry. When Adeel looked at Madhu, he pulled his hair back and said I am sorry. Then Adeel’s anger cooled down. This is where the love story of Madhu and Adeel begins.

Heart touching love story:

Day after day passed. Madhu did not stop her actions. One important thing to note here is that Madhu had a severe headache that could not be cured by any pill. He had to rest for hours somewhere. Then he would go somewhere and find peace. As the days passed, Adeel finally began to bear Madhu’s conditions. Adeel used to say that if you continue like this, you will fail matriculation. And matriculation plays an important role in the field of education. As time went on, some changes began to take place. Now Madhu was not doing anything.

His cheerfulness had waned. She started styling her hair. Now she was handling her handkerchief. She looked down and became an innocent little girl. A new Madhu which was formed after Adeel’s admission in the academy. Madhu was beginning to like Adeel. Whenever she slept in her bed at night, she would suddenly see the same spectacles she had never liked. The same person she called attitude. Now his whole heart was ruled.

The heart was ruled:

She was lost in his thoughts in the morning and evening. When she went in front of him. So Adeel was strict on it. The second Adeel would go to the office in the morning and in the evening after teaching at the academy he would put his head in the lap of his pillow. Which takes the form of a beautiful girl and Adeel would go from place to place looking at her beautiful body. Her beautiful lips and thick eyes took her to an unknown world. And suddenly the girl removed her hair and disappeared in front of him without even knowing it.

But Adeel used to respond to every loving word of Madhu. Madhu was getting serious now. Every day she would make sweet rice for Adeel and give the whole plate to Adeel and say that my mother had sent it. While he made the sweet rice himself. Now, where is the tolerance from Madhu to make something else for Adeel. Now only Madhu has the right to Adeel.

Madhu’s health Problem:

As the days passed, Adeel’s harshness on Madhu increased. Madhu’s health began to decline. She used to leave the academy the next day and complain of headaches. What Adeel thought was a lie. Days passed and then a day came when Adeel had to go out of the city for office work. He was so busy with work that Adeel did not know the passage of time. When he returned home a week later, no one was home.

She was surprised that no one was home. Well, he went inside the lock. He kept the bag in his room and lay down to rest for some time. The doorbell rang and Adeel got up and looked outside. A child was standing with a plate of sweet rice in his hand. Adeel was very happy to see the plate of sweet rice. Adeel asked who gave him this sweet rice.

So he replied that Adeel bhai you don’t know that Madhu Baji was third today. What did you say? He said again. Today was the third day of Madhu Baji. What happened to Madhu’s third? I just went last week and she was fine. Adeel’s astonishment increased. The boy said he had a headache and fainted.

Adeel Stand With Her WHy?

He went to the hospital and found out that she was dead. Adeel used to stand there and sometimes he would look at this plate of rice and sometimes. he would look at Madhu’s house. Suddenly a girl in front of his eyes would straighten her hair and disappear from his sight. At that moment Adeel realized how much he loved Madhu. But now he could never get it. Couldn’t see her, couldn’t tell her my love.

Appreciating someone after they leave is not the same value, it is just regret. So Love should be expressed otherwise it is too late.This is today’s heart-touching with the love story. I hope you enjoyed it.

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