Entertainment News: More Interest in Celebrities Than the Actual News

What is the connection between the evening news and celebrity? Is it all just lip service, or is there some substance to what they are saying? It seems that there is a growing interest in this type of news, although it is hard to say exactly what that is. Perhaps it is due to heightened media and advertising interest in these figures, as well as an aging population that have come to expect more from their news sources.

popular with celebrities:

News has always been popular with celebrities. Ever since they entered the public eye, individuals have been eager to get the latest scoop on them. The media, especially television, eagerly devours stories based around current events, celebrity news, and even celebrity romances. Celebrities are notorious for spending large amounts of time at fundraisers, making news, and otherwise giving the media plenty of breath-taking content. Whether or not this is intentional, there is no denying that celebrity gossip sells.

Even in the modern era of late night TV, there is still plenty of interest in celebrities. Networks often times feature segments on various stars, highlighting their antics. The evening news, however, has taken on a different tone.

One of the most noticeable changes is the lack of focus on stories about political figures. Networks like CNN has abandoned reporting on stories involving members of Congress, cabinet members, and other high powered insiders. Instead, evening news has largely ignored stories about stars. It seems that they have become the new government officials, rather than the usual politicians. It is not uncommon to see stories on political gossip and celebrity drama, rather than the latest updates on the government.

journalists an opportunity

Another notable change is the amount of focus that the media has placed on stories about health and fitness. With the onslaught of diet and exercise commercials that flood television stations throughout the day, it is not surprising that many stories about personal fitness and health have faded off the airwaves. Instead.

The evening news has mostly focused on news about the general public, such as terrorism and foreign wars. This new focus has not only given journalists an opportunity to get more in depth with their reports; it has also changed the public’s view of what the media is all about.

Not long ago, people held a special place in society over celebrities. Celebrities were considered “savvy” and “elite,” an idea that stemmed from their status as objects of desire for the masses. Nowadays, a celebrity is merely a name attached to a paycheck. There is no longer any room for the idea that stars are personable or have sensitive feelings. In fact, many publications openly mock celebrities for their insensitivity.

Sense of self-protection

Many stories that once seemed to care about stars can now be found devoid of even the semblance of interest. Take for instance the recent story about Tom Cruise’s recent stint at rehab for alcohol addiction. Though his wife brought this to his attention, it seems that Tom Cruise was never really that desperate to get help. Instead, he made his decision to take a trip to see his old friend.

the King of Rock and Roll, Carl Perkins. Though the visit obviously was a private affair, the media quickly picked up on Cruise’s apparently out-of-the-blue good sense of self-protection.

substantive information:

The media’s continued focus on celebrities is likely a reflection of their own lack of interest in reading the actual news. After all, the evening news and star break fads are designed to attract viewers who prefer to click on stories which appear to offer the promise of something new and exciting coming up. Perhaps if we tried to reread some of the most popular stories, we would find that the vast majority were simply rehashed information already available in other venues.

And even when the story did come up with new information, it was typically presented in a way that did not affect the reader in any significant way. To read entertainment news, one must look past the star burst and find the story that will provide the most substantive information.

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