Emirates Business Class – What Amenities Are Available?

Emirates business class, also known as the flight attendant’s first class, is famed for its ultimate luxury and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition to a comfortable and spacious seat, you also get a larger urn for luggage and a private air conditioning and sound system. All in all, you receive a luxurious seat and a superior experience during the flight. If that’s not enough, there are also over two thousand guestrooms for you to choose from which boast of top-of-the-line service and offer a wide variety of services for a long or short stay. There are even lounges and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy meals while listening to the smooth jazz of the engines. When it comes to luxury, nothing comes close to this airline.

Another reason why Emirates business class passengers will experience a pleasant traveling experience is because they receive luggage allowance. Luggage allowance is provided for one bag per passenger. This way, you do not have to stack suitcases or cart baggage around the airplane, which can be time-consuming. Also, it prevents you from missing connecting flight if you are traveling with luggage. It allows you to enjoy your journey to the fullest because you do not need to worry about missing connections when traveling.

additional luggage fee

Another benefit of Emirates business class passengers flying direct is their luggage allowance. This way, they are not limited to the space provided in the airplane because they can choose to bring their own bags or leave their bags in the airplane cargo bay. This gives them more privacy while traveling. In addition to this, they do not have to pay for additional luggage fee at the airport because they will receive their baggage allowance when they check in at the airport. However, this benefit depends on the season and on the day of travel.

The airways have made this traveling experience even better by providing their passengers with an amazing aircraft. The A320s seats located in the front part of the plane to give you great comfort. You will never feel cramped in this aircraft because there are ample seats in this section. The seating arrangement in this section gives priority to business class travelers duringtakeation.

You will also witness the excellent customer service from flight attendants as you get off the plane. They treat you like VIPs because you are traveling in business class and deserve it. All customers in the first class section to get special treatment including the bathroom and meals served.

TV and internet with the seat located beside you:

One of the best features of the Emirates Business class flights is its bi cabin wi-fi and a unique inflatable city that you can see while you are sitting in seat number thirty-two. This airplane has all the necessities for a comfortable journey. It has large seats, a regular meal service and a music system that are in your cabin throughout the journey. You will have access to TV and internet with the seat located beside you.

e TV and internet access

Another great amenity is the cafe club. You can relax and chat with your friends as you board the plane. You can order coffee, juice or other drinks through this bar. It has two smaller staterooms with private toilets and showers. These staterooms have TV and internet access. Other features include business class lounges, premium economy flights, air ambulance, and first aid services for passengers.

The Mezze Mezzanine is an exciting amenity for business travelers on the flight. This is a fully air conditioned business class seat that gives you a choice of three meals that are served by separate chefs. Each course is served at your leisure and you can even choose to make your meal! There is an ample space for you to recline and the service is very good and attentive. All meals are prepared by world class chefs.

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