Strategies to Build Your Social Network in the cannabis Business I Am Involved With

Building a social network for your cannabis business is critical if you want to succeed. Building a network is something that many new businesses fail at because they are not prepared. If you don’t build a network, you will also find it hard to stay afloat. So where do you start? How do you go about building a strong social network for your cannabis business?

A great network to start with is to initially write out all of your existing cannabis business social network connections. Next, write out all of your wanted people for your wishlist. On your wishlist you can also use the social networking sites to identify who your ideal network has some mutual connections with. This may be someone in your local community who happens to share your love of cannabis.

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Many of the popular social networks out there right now are similar to Facebook. MySpace and twitter are two examples of very popular social networks that are specifically set up to help cannabis businesses connect with their desired market. MySpace is quite different though because unlike Facebook, you cannot friend or “follow” another user. You can, however, comment on other people’s posts and “like” other pages.

MySpace allows users to create their own profile page, which you should take advantage of. This is where you put in your wanted contacts and your wanted products/services. Some of the cannabis business social network sites will allow users to search for specific strains or types of marijuana. Once you find a profile that matches your criteria, you can then click on a profile that matches your description to send a message to that person.

LinkedIn is another excellent example of a cannabis business social network that I would highly recommend connecting with the right people. LinkedIn is an online professional networking platform that is used by many of the top entrepreneurs in the world and should definitely be considered when connecting with new leads. The platform allows for you to search for professionals that are related to your industry and view their bios, connections, pictures and so much more.

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Another excellent way to build your cannabis business social network is by connecting with the local news outlets in your area. This is one of my best methods for finding new customers since local news coverage tends to focus on cannabis and marijuana related topics. You can also get involved in the local community by attending local events or making a donation to a local charity. Just remember to always keep your local customers in mind when marketing to them so they remember to check on you out when making a donation.

Lastly, the fourth method in my list of the best cannabis business social networks is to join various forums and discussion groups on the internet that are related to your specific niche. Creating great content and posting it on various sites like WordPress, StumbleUpon and Facebook are a great place to start. You can also get involved in the local community by attending local events and making a donation to a local charity.

As you can see there are a few different actions you can take to build a great cannabis brand. I would suggest connecting with as many people and organizations as possible to help spread the word about your brand and help build a personal brand for yourself online. These four strategies are some great ways to go about expanding your online cannabis business social network. Stay tuned for future articles!

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I have recently launched an app for private cannabis businesses called Weedmaps. This app connects marijuana dispensary owners to local cannabis retailers and suppliers so you can search for the best deals. You can even get real time quotes and reviews from local weed shops so you can get the lowest prices available. The app also allows users to share coupons and specials on their websites so you can reach your local cannabis community.

The fifth strategy I am going to discuss in this article is to start sharing your thoughts on wearable breads on Twitter and Facebook. I have even created a small business account just for that purpose. I have been extremely busy with getting my wearable recipes viral across the internet. If you have any original recipes that you would like to promote, you can do so using weedable bread. I have also been starting conversations with other entrepreneurs on Twitter and Facebook about the best ways to market weedable foods.

Finally, the last strategy I am going to discuss is to start a personal brand within the cannabis business I am involved with. Starting a personal brand brings many benefits but especially when it comes to networking. When you brand yourself it shows that you are serious about your business and take it seriously. Many people want to be connected to a business but they often don’t want to put their face on the line. A personal brand helps you connect with customers and others in your industry without putting your image first.

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