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Solomon and his mother:

Solomon lived with his mother in a small village. Their source of livelihood was a small piece of land, where they grew crops and vegetables and sold them for a living. Some of the income came from chicken eggs and goats. Despite all this, their condition was bad and sometimes they had to go hungry. Mother repeatedly told Solomon to go to the city and earn money, but Solomon was reluctant to go to the city because of his mother’s health and service.

Two young students arrived:

In those days, two young students arrived in his village. They came to research herbs in a nearby forest. Solomon made them his guests and stayed in his house for fifteen days. He went with them to the forest for days. They did their work and Solomon prepared food and tea for them. They both belonged to a family of eaters and drinkers. Solomon was also given a fair reward for his labor. As they were leaving, they gave Solomon some extra money as a reward.

Best emotional story:

With this money Solomon improved his situation tried to . Some time later, Solomon thought to himself, “Why don’t you go to the city and meet the kind students who were the students of a great physician?” He had told Solomon that there were valuable herbs in the forest, which fetched a very good price in the city. They gave Solomon a dried purple flower and a forest It showed plants that had not yet flowered. He said he would come again to collect the flowers. The next day Solomon arrived in the forest. It was spring. In a smooth place, those flowers were blooming in thousands. Solomon began to pick the flowers, and he carried a sack until evening filled and returned home. With mother’s permission the next day.

He left the city:

He left the city with a sack full of flowers. Arriving in the city, he had no difficulty in finding the hospital of the great physician. The two students also met there and they he was very happy to see Solomon, and he loved him very much. Solomon opened the sack and showed them the flowers.

He was very surprised and took some flowers and showed them to his teacher. The teacher instructed them to weigh and take all the flowers from him and tell him to go back soon and collect the flowers and bring them home to teach. It will be reasonably compensated. Solomon got so much money that he couldn’t even think.

Those flowers were very precious and bloomed for a few weeks a year. The next morning Solomon left for his village. He reached home at night and reached the forest the next morning. He kept picking flowers until evening. When he reached home at night, he had filled two sacks. The next day he went to the forest again and at home his mother spread all the flowers in the sun.

Two weeks passed:

Two weeks passed while working hard and the flowers were gone. Solomon had filled twelve sacks. Suleiman thought that if the flowers left for two more days dried up, he would leave for the city with some sacks, but before that the two students arrived. Solomon did it for them.

When all the work was finished, they both looked at the other side of it and then one of them whose name was Hassan said, “Solomon, you know how precious this flower is, but we have told you this.” If you have income, give us half of it. Solomon thought for a moment.

And then he shook his head in confession and said: You are right, you are right. I don’t mind, but how do you do that? The two looked at each other with meaningful eyes, then another named Fahad. He said: We will divide it among ourselves. Solomon thought for a moment.

And then he said, “Let’s do this. We become all three equal sharers of money.” That would be more appropriate. They were both shocked and went a short distance to consult. After a while he came and Hassan said: Sulaiman Ustad wants you to take a shop in his hospital, where this flower is all year round.

They are ready to help you in any way they can. With their help, you will become a businessman. Solomon said without thinking for a moment: I can’t leave my mother. Even if I get less money, I will stay here. These flowers and other herbs you will tell me. I will collect it and give it to you so that you may become my sharers.

I will get what I have:

I will get what I have. Fahad got up, put his hand on Solomon’s shoulder and said: Solomon, you are a true man. I don’t want any of your hard work. We were testing you. We will also set up shop for you, where your employees will work and introduce you to all the valuable herbs, So that you can earn your livelihood from the forest and serve your mother. Solomon’s mother was waiting for that day. She took Solomon’s relationship and went to her poor brother’s house. Solomon’s marriage was arranged. Both students attended Solomon’s wedding and gave him valuable gifts. Solomon gradually grew and became a great businessman.

Dozens of employees started working for him. He became a big businessman but he never stopped serving his mother. Because he loved his mother very much and it was all the result of his mother’s prayers.

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